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Lotus Fairy Tale

Is a story about Little Seed who made her way back to the surface after she had sunk to the bottom of the Magic Lake.

  • Creative, memorable, and though-provoking. This is a great book to help spark conversations with our daughter about right and wrong, and what to do when faced with hard moral dilemmas. There are eternal consequences to our everyday choices, and since we don't want to overwhelm a child with too-dark images for her imagination, we need to balance that with inspiration, meaningfulness, and appropriate foes and challenges. This book does that! I'm grateful for it.
    Brett R. Featherstone
  • This tale and the artwork are beautiful! I love fairytales and mythology, and I’m branching out beyond what directly relates to my ancestry. This tale was a wonderfully start :)
  • Beautiful! My little niece loves this book! Thank you for the peaceful drawings and wonderful story!
  • Very sweet and magical!
  • What a beautiful story. The illustrations are so precious too. It is really moving both to Me as an adult and children. Glad you shared these three precious gem of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance in this story and with the world.
    Mika Hale
  • Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance are good. It is the most beautiful story I ever heard!
    Kim Dzung
  • Such a beautiful and misterious story I've ever read!
  • Thank you so much for writing this beautiful story. It is a great resource for me to teach my child and my students.
  • Really good. It moved me to the core. Really wonderful.
  • The story touches the heart. It's beautiful and profound! Indeed encouraging for adults as well.
  • Thank you!! I will share this message to my students.
    Oriana Fajardo
  • A beautiful reminder for all of us, seeds.
    Regie Santos
  • Delightful!
    James Poulter
  • Thank you for this pure & beautiful story! I've shared on FB and with family & friends. I shed tears of happiness while watching. I look forward to seeing it in print! Thank you!
    Cheryl Zocco
  • This is beautiful, thank you.
    Joy Duguid
  • Just Beautiful!!!!
    Marlen Karletidou
  • The tale is wonderful, you can always listen to it; it is not only for children, but also for adults. This tale shows the criteria of good and evil, and that the most important thing on Earth is to resist temptations.
    Caroline N.
  • This is the most favourite fairy tale of my 3-year old granddaughter :) Thank you for such a present! Nice work.
    Rosina M.
  • Really VERY well voiced and a good spiritual tale!!!!!!!!
    Michael T.
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